Jose's Rites of Passage

Mai - I've never met you, but I'm sorry you were first boot :(
Eva - I'm honestly really sorry about voting you out, and you probably were like what the fuck... honestly I saw you weren't active and were really busy with irl things and then with Survivor: Legends, you had too much on your plate, but I still enjoyed you being around <3
Tal - I haven't gotten to meet you, but good luck with your ORG!!!
Dani - Oof, personally if I'm going to be honest, I really didn't want to vote you, but at the same time, I needed to have Jo around to destroy his own game, and I really apologize to you for that since you were the scapegoat, but you were really a pleasure to have around in the house and an absolute queen <3
Hannah - Lowkey robbed :'( sorry queen fjdaskjl
Dean - They needed me to carry another season of an Epicmafia ORG, so I happily obliged. also 5$ I get idoled out, because I am a fierce and unstoppable creature of force and douchbaggery. Good luck enjoying 2nd through whatever amount of people are in this cast. I'm Dean, and I am here to win.
Karina - I'm sorry, I have no opinion on you but I hope to see you around because that's a cute mangatar!!!
Ben G. - If I'm going to be honest, we really didn't talk, but through the small talk we've had, you've honestly been really kind to me and ik you were really pissed about being voted out, it'll all come to fruition soon <3
Aren - Okay so like... I honestly really wanted to play with you because you lurked a lot in the fights of Deception Island so I was really sad when you got out fadsjklfjads I hope to see you in another org soon though!
Andrew - Honestly others were so much messier than you were, but I needed them around and I really apologize, you were truly robbed even though I voted you :'(
Jake - I don't know much about you since we never really talked except once and you were so sweet, truly robbed when you were swapped :'(
Hudson - Sorry I don't know much about you, I apologize :'(
Scott - So I personally feel that you were really given the bad end of the stick. Both Drake and Bradley had won Immunity, and you were just truly fucked over when a target was being chosen. Then again, I was one of the people who advocated for you to go because I wanted to break up the Blue numbers fjdsal sorry dude :(
Simon - Omg messy king!!! Legit though, you were all over the place and we probably would have done well with our alliance if you didn't just go out blurting things to different people like omg... ik you meant well but I couldn't have you around to destroy my game :'(
Lenny - I think we've never actually talked in merge FJKDLSAFJA;LS Umm... honestly like you were pretty inactive in my eyes and I really wanted my alliance to get far, so you had to go sadly, and I apologize for that :(
Toni - When I found out that you and Ben were close and were planning of getting rid of me... I had to work with Drake and Bradley which I didn't really expect to do. I mean I kinda regret voting you out on a emotional level because we could have really connected, but you were a danger to my game :(
Marty - Okay so like... I needed to bring down a number for Bradley and you were there, and I wanted to at the very least put myself in a position where Bradley/Drake wouldn't betray me as I would have the numbers at that point, so I'm sorry :(
Jo - I'm sorry, but like... you really were so messy going to everyone and it was just like omg, bro you were fun to have around but I knew you were going to create a huge target on your back by playing so hard so quickly... fjadsk;lfj Sorry man :(
Drake - Well... I was with you until I found that you were voting me out... and I was like ummm no. I'm sorry dude, but I had to put myself in the position where I survived, but it had to be done :(
Valentin - WHY DID YOU HAVE TO STRIKE OUT OMG!!!! Fuck... we literally could have had made f3 together, so I'm really sad you did :( ily man I hope that I get to see you in other ORGs soon because you're just a fun person to hang around!

Sorry if it seems like I didn't say much, but I love ya'll even though we may have not always been on the same side <3 <3 <3